Beef was on point, one of the best gyros I ever had! Smoothie was great too! Will Definitely be recommendations to my friends and family!
Great food and fantastic staff. Come here almost every week and never had a bad experience. The best part is they always have fresh baklava as desert. Food is amazing as well. Thanks guys!
Food and Service was amazing from Kebab House
Very good
Ordered ahead using the app and our order was waiting for us to pick up when we arrived. Tasted fresh and was very good.
Cannot rave about the quality of food enough! The hummus is a must try! We order from here quite often; usually stop in & order take out but this time called ahead for pick up. I did call to be sure the restaurant received the order (because of the previous reviews) & was told the order was received & in preparation. Amazing customer service is a bonus! In this unfortunate era of frozen & reheated meals; this place is a treasure! You will not be disappointed!
Food was good, but ordering/pickup was a mess. Apparently, all BeyondMenu app orders go through the owner's phone -- which was broken. SO, we ordered and paid through the app, and when my husband arrived to pick up our food, they weren't even aware of our order. There were a bunch of annoyed customers backed up and waiting for food. When I pay $30 for gyros and leave a nice tip, I would hope that the food is ready (or at least started) when I arrive. If we had ordered the items for delivery they would have never came, because the restaurant wasn't even receiving the orders through the dude's broken cell phone. They're gonna hafta fix this ordering situation or stop using this app if they want to keep consistent business.
We order ahead of time via online, but the restaurant did not check online order. So they said that they did not receive our order. Finally, they checked their online order, but we had to wait there for them to cook our food. We love the food so we will still go back. If we do online ordering again, I think it is better to call to make sure they got our order.
Any questions please call us.